From Nashville to Kansas

Just wanted to jump on and give some updates!

Currently, we are trying to help 2 more K9s get vested! K9 Stewie and K9 Nika both need LOF Defense Street Fighter Vests to keep their K9s safe with them.

We have a few events coming up so we can raise some money and get these 2 vested, but we need YOUR help.

You all at this point, we consider, our brand ambassadors! What a cool title, what do you think? Peyton's Army? Peyton's Troops? Peyton's K9s Department (police reference)? We can think of titles later...

Each one of you support our mission and we get messages all the time of praises! We appreciate it to the core, but if each one of you could reach out and help sell our NineLine Apparel T-shirts or our blue line keychains to others within your personal circle and spread our mission further and further...we can get these vests out in NO TIME!

Also...if anyone knows of any local companies to YOU (clearly we talk to local companies in Pittsburgh) that love supporting non-profits as well as helping K9s, we would love the information to reach them! We have been reaching out to many, but I know everyone on here knows even more!!

Help us help as many K9s as we can!

Check out K9 Toby from Tampa, FL below in the awesome Rex Specs we were able to provide!

K9 Toby in his NEW REX SPECS (Tampa, FL)

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