Okay, so needless to say I am going to flood the post with pictures of EVERYTHING from the trip to see the Georgia Police K9 Association "An Evening for K9s" party to just the drive back.

Are we crazy...probably, but you know what, this 10 hour trip was worth the friends made as well as the ideas we got to start planning a little raffle event of our own.

One thing we want to review realllll quick before we just go through all the awesomeness that happened down in Georgia. We CANNOT do this all alone, with 50,000 + working K9s in the U.S it will take an army. Both of us, Georgia Police K9 Association and Peyton's K9s support one another and what we are doing. As a non-profit, there is not a competition of who raises's "wow! you raised that much! that is AWESOME!" Which both of our organizations belief in.

Okay, back to the this organization (ran by K9 Officer Kyle Briley) managed to raise $85k! We took tons of photos and picked Kyle's brain in order to have a successful event here in Pittsburgh. We are elated that they raised that much and we CANNOT wait to go back next year!

You will all start to see information about our upcoming event!

Kyle Briley (organizer and handler)

We are always telling handlers about our mission!


Back Roads of Georgia

Before there was speed, there was shine

Lightening McQueen