Happy Birthday America!

We got to have some fun and a non-working vacation the first 2 weeks of July. We are back and in action and have all kinds of good stuff. Needless to say, we can never go somewhere and not want to meet K9 units in the area. Check out some of our pics from Alpharetta GA and then Clearwater & St. Pete FL K9s! They were all SUPER awesome and loved our mission, it was super cool being able to walk Raider in Alpharetta, check up on K9 Titan who was shot a few month back in St. Pete's (he is recovering just fine and wants to anxiously get back to work) and meet K9 Echo who just loves to apprehend bad guys and watch sunsets in Clearwater.

Since we are back in action, remember that our December Silent auction event is going to come quick with all the preparations we will have. We have had just in that past 3 weeks 28 items donated to our event! If we keep that pace up, this truly will be a party to remember with the ability to raise $$$$$$$$ for the K9 units in need across the U.S! This party will be known as "Peyton's Birthday Bash for K9s" and it will have handlers visit from across the U.S, so you will want to be there!

If you know of a company who would like to be a sponsor or donate a silent auction/raffle item, you can email us or give us a call/text!


We missed you ALL and are excited to be back in Pittsburgh and working towards the December event!

Clearwater Police Dept K-9 Unit & K9 Echo

St. Pete PD K-9 unit (half, they have 16!) and K9 Titan who was shot when apprehending a suspect and is now recovering!

Our NineLine Apparel Shirt designer Kiera at NineLine's warehouse in Savannah Georgia!

When you get to meet the newest addition to St. Pete's K-9 unit, her name is Stella and she is AWESOME. She is an explosive detection K-9 and THE ONLY girl!

K9 Karlo from Alpharetta!

I got to walk K9 Raider!!! Thanks Phil!

Future Handler Status with K9 Raider, let's go!

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