Good morning everyone!

This past week has been AMAZING with support. We were able to get a LOF defense vest (only the coolest vest on the market) for K9 Sam and Officer Wright in Elwood Indiana! We ordered the vest about a week ago and they get hand designed by the awesome people at LOF Defense to fit the K9 and then will get shipped to Officer Wright in roughly 90 days or less! You will see pictures attached of K9 Sam and Officer Wright as well as what an LOF vest looks like.

Let's keep it going...we had a K9 Officer reach out to us about needing a bite sleeve on Tuesday. Officer Beere and K9 Bear of Clairton, PA are new to the K9 unit family, Officer Beere told me "It was all I wanted to do ever, be a K9 handler, it's awesome!" He is partnered with an amazing GSD named K9 Bear and he is VERY smart! Anyways, we threw up a post about selling some keychains to be able to buy them a bite sleeve from Germantown K9 based out of Ohio and boy, did you guys deliver! We sold PLENTY of keychains and had a large donor the same day write us a check for $300! This was exciting, because now Officer Beere can apply the extra funds towards a bite suit (much more expensive item, but helps the K9 practice biting elsewhere). We are overwhelmed with the SUPPORT and so were they. We ordered their bite sleeve Wednesday and we should be giving it to them at the end of May. You will see pictures attached of Officer Beere & K9 Bear with us!

Right now we are grinding to get 2 more ballistic vests for officers in TN & KS as well as some cooling vests for some local K9s to our area. You will see new merchandise added in the coming weeks, we have new shirt designs launching that we are pretty excited about! Also, today you will see a red line keychain added, we did this for our search & rescue K9 teams who asked us to add a red line (made sense, why would they carry a blue one) if they are considered apart of the fire department. Paracord by Ripcord hooked us up with another awesome looking keychain just for them! So if you know anyone who has been looking for the red line, they have been added!

Lastly...THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR HELPING US CONTINUE OUR MISSION! Please keep sharing what we are doing, you never know who needs the help across the U.S. K9s who are strictly funded by donations are always looking for new avenues to get what they need to keep their K9s safe and YOU are the reason we can keep this ball rolling!

Peyton & K9 Bear from Clairton, PA

K9 Bear excited about his bite sleeve getting ordered

Officer Wright & K9 Sam (LOF defense vest donation)

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