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New Business Cards

So, we decided we should probably start a is what everyone is doing right? It's trending! We are all about getting our mission out there so, here is just another avenue. Clearly, if you follow us on insta, everyone knows what is going on...but we realize not EVERYONE has an insta, FB or twitter account.

New news...we are preparing for the BlueLine K9 Training LLC conference coming up at the end of April that we were invited to by the awesome founders of that group. We will have OUR OWN table & will be selling t-shirts to help fund K9s in need. We are SO excited to meet the many businesses we actually purchase from there along with meeting all the K9s!

OH! Other new news, many of you have probably us screen shot and post about Big Ben (Steeler QB) following us on twitter! He LEGIT followed us on twitter. His rep reached out to us since we kept tagging him in EVERYTHING and we even had Mr. Stockey (wtae sports reporter) on our side sharing our video/post about wanting Big Ben to show up to our car wash. We wanted to partner with him since he also shares the same mission of helping K9s in need! Speaking with his rep, he will be away with his family that weekend of the car wash, HOWEVER, he got our story and will be featuring it on his WEBSITE!!

He also is sending us a special piece of memorabilia. They will help promote our car wash and follow up after. Needless to say, we were thrilled! more people have insta than FB? It seems our FB fam is slowly growing, while insta is OUT OF CONTROL! We are cresting 3,500 followers!

Keep in touch everyone, if you see a Peyton's K9 shirt floating around, whether it is the NineLine Apparel design or the original design...say hello!!

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